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sugardaddys bratty babygirl

its bedtime tell me a story then put me to bed

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yOUNG & dUMB LOVE chewin bubblegum hey there LOOKING for me? i know that's "RIGHT" i've been guilty of doin REAL NAUGHTY things behind my parents back (but they NEVER catch me), they have NO idea of the SNEAKY-FREAKY things i do...hmph when they're NOT lookin i'm a str8 "FREAK" (giggles) in fact i won't lie i'd LOVE to meet some older broads' husband (no no no not for like what you think) "wink-wink" I just want for you to be My SugarDaddy (ooops I mean manfriend) "wink-wink".
not even close to knowing (hey i'm just legal) but you keep teachin me more & more...I see the way men look @ Me when I'm in the stores shopping, at the gas station and having FUN @ the beach ( i'm sweet/innocent little mute girl) awww, you can't help but to CRAVE me (ooops I meant LOVE me)
sidenote: look just cause I'm mute DON'T stop me!
i'm learning how to get EXACTLY what I WANT & how to get it from you
I'm the girl your wife has "Fund-raisers" for, you know the girl she spends countless hours baking those stupid cupcakes for Bakesales that raise MONEY to get Me NEW bikes, all the Latest & Hottest toys and games so I can be "HAPPY".
I WANT somthing she probably WON'T give me, "you", yeap...her Husband. you can be My "NEW" play "toy", to be USED, ABUSED,(in ALL kinds of ways) as long as you "MAKE ME HAPPY"!