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beating up boys since '88.

Welcome to your new obsession, pig.

I am Mistress Pandemic & you are nothing more than a worthless deviant. Its a privilege to even have the chance to speak to me. Before now you have wasted your time and my money on stupid shallow whores who abuse your filthy desires as a way to avoid real labor. I am your redemption, the Dominant woman you'll never have the chance to serve and the girl you never have the balls to talk to.

I am everything your pathetic little heart aches for. A young, petite and vicious little bitch. I'm the real girl next door, the fantasy you've always had. You should be licking my boots clean and thanking me in any manner you possibly can for my attention. Your meager earnings are a decent start, but I expect nothing sort of respect and devotion. You will beg to become my ashtray, plead for my attention and eagerly obey my every command.

Unlike the whores you spoiled before me, I am perfect. Intelligent, independent, manipulative and demanding. I'm that hot artsy chick that gets you all hard. You know, the one with the tattoos and piercings who wouldn't even look at you. The real Domme you neither deserve or could ever hope to serve. Your worthless life now has meaning, and that is to serve me and make me smile. The only way you can even come close to it is to tell me your every weakness and submit to my will. A small tribute is a great way to show me you're not wasting my time.

five 10 20 30 50

100 250 375 500 900

armbinders, artistic cutting, asphyxiaphilia, ball gags, bare handed spanking, begging, belt spanking, bisexuality, biting, blindfolds, blood, blushing, body modification, body paint, bondage, boot licking, branding, brats, breath play, bruises, caging/confinement, candle wax, caning, chains, chastity devices, choking, cigarette torture, cock and ball torture, collars, control, corsets, costumes/dressing-up, crawling, cunnilingus, cutting, d/s, decorative cutting, discipline, domestic servitude, domination, electrotorture, erotic literature, fear, female supremacy, femdom, fishnets, flesh hooks, gags, gas masks, genital torture, gloves, gun play, hair pulling, handcuffs, high heels, hook suspension, human ashtray, humiliation, ice cubes, intelligence, knife play, knives, lace, latex, leather, leaving marks, lingerie, makeup, male submission, masks, masochism, master/slave, obedience training, orgasm control, pain, pantyhose/stockings, piercings, pinching, pressure points, public humiliation, restraints, role play, rope bondage/suspension, rough sex, rubber, sadism, scratching, sensory deprivation, sex in public, slapping, smoking, smothering, socks, spanking, talking dirty, tattoos, toys, uniforms, verbal humiliation and degradation, violence, whips.

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