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I am Leona. 1

I'm a beautiful 52 year old Southern real life Mistress with gorgeous 44D tits.

About ME

I am Leona
52 years young
United States
Body type: 5' 11"
Breasts 44 d
Eyes green haze
Hair Salt and pepper
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Interested are

Love meeting and chat with new people.
I love role play just about any goes. Are you a puppy at My feet or pony in My yard. Love meeting and chat with new people. Talking on phone flirting with you
Phone sex yes Please call Me

I am a bisexual poly and love sex.
You ask what kind most things I am in to.
Men Woman no matter age as long as your at lest 18
Fetish bdsm same sex bdsm role play or younger lover
Looking for some sweet love from a hot sex mature Woman
I have done bdsm/gor most of My Adult life.
I am now known as Mistress L to all sub or Slave.
I am the one Y/your Mother warned Y/you of.
I love hearing littleone say Yes Mistress how May I serve you today
I run a poly bisexual M/s 24/7 household

I have very few dislike.

They are, not in to toilet games humiliation or being disrespectful, of course
no child age play under age of 18, or any thing to do with real animal sex games either so I am not
interested in doing so if you want that then don’t call me

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