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Princess Katie Love

Are you a CUCKOLD?? Hear all about MY real man!

Hello moneypigs, humiliation junkies and cuckolds!
Are you ready to serve your Princess, and maybe even Her REAL MAN TOO??


I really do .... errr let Me rephrase: WE really do love to use and abuse you retards together! LOL

Are you ready to be degraded, humiliated, and teased?
I have no fucking patience for losers like you. You really disgust Me!
So maybe in the mean time, you can... talk to My REAL MAN BOYFRIEND!!! LOLOLOLOL

LOL yep, that's right, HE even thinks you're a complete idiot and wants to tell you Himself!!

I didn't tell Him how I make all My money right in the beginning. But after some time (and His questioning Me about WHERE I get daily UPS deliveries and steady cash too lol) I decided it was time to fill Him in. And suprisingly, and wonderfully for Me, he grabbed Me and kissed Me and told Me I was "brilliant" after I explained to Him how there were tons of PATHETIC TWISTED IDIOTS who throw their money at Me just for treating them like shit. HAHA

Suddenly, I had someone, a man, a REAL MAN to share in the fun with Me. And it's fucking amazing! LOLOL I told him about the pay piggies, the sissies, the footboys, and of course the cucks (probably you!) who want to PAY for My Man and I to go out, have dinner, party, and even for clothes and other things on His wishlist. So while you're at it cucky, go buy Him something now!

Do you know how fucking hilarious He finds it when you creeps buy Him things?? Do you realize He is probably young enough to be your son, yet laughs at how much of a pathetic loser you are?? Can you imagine how He is probably with Me right now, maybe humiliating a freak on voice, or mmmmmm maybe even fucking Me right now?? Or We might just be laying down, watching a movie or having a nice dinner.

Now imagine Him doing those things while you -- MORON -- sit home all alone and PAY TO TALK TO HIM through some fucking pay mails! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Now loser, He may not reply RIGHT NOW, although since He is so excited to GET PAID just to tell you how stupid you are, it may be very soon! And quite honestly, He is still quite amazed how simple it actually is to get EASY FUCKING MONEY in this world. LOL

So show Him NOW shithead. Throw some money at MY BOYFRIEND while you picture Us sitting around, partying with Our friends, and laughing Our asses off at how the bottom-feeders of the world (i.e. YOU) get your fucked up little kicks when We abuse the shit out of you. Show Him you are SO WEAK that you just cannot help yourself by such extreme humiliation, and WILL ACTUALLY PAY HIM TO LAUGH RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! HAHAHAHAHA

Click cuck, click!!! LOL

Oh and if this line happens to be turned on (lol like you, no doubt!) and you have enough fucking courage, CALL US NOW and We will humiliate the fuck out of you together, live on the phone!! Mmmmmmmmm can you handle THAT shithead?? HAHAHAHAHA

And make sure you pay My Small penis tax $50

Are you ready for complete and utter submission to Me?
Slave application $50

other than that...

You will tribute Me, and you will do it now.

Buy Me coffee! $5
Buy Me a movie ticket! $10
Take Me out to lunch! $25
Buy Me a pedicure!
Take Me out to dinner!
Drinks with My girlfriends $200
Help pay Katie's bills $500
Show Katie some love! $999