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Let me be the one to ruin you

I'm your new nightmare, the pleasing torture kind that your mother warned you to not get involved with, the kind that takes it all and breaks your heart because she's a cold calculative bitch. Your dream girl that always teases you and reminds you of your place and the things that you can never have because you are not worth it.

I know you crave that very moment when you lose it all, that moment to hit rock bottom and wonder what the hell you did so bad to get yourself so lost. Of course that level can take months and even years. But we all know that's what you crave. The very tip top rock bottom you can get, where you are chugging down a glass of vodka while rocking back and forth.

You are craving that sweet,love hate relationship. The one where I pretend to love you and all that I do to you, while you loathe and hate yourself, question your sexuality and despise your manhood for not being that perfection that is drilled into your head since you hit puberty. The craving that takes you to your intoxicating sub space...

Each little secret, each little desire is going to be slowly and addictedly removed from that little pea brain of yours. You're going to tell me it all.. you already feel that addiction creeping in.. Don't you? That small subtle hint that starts to nag at you to send a message, it slowly creeps over you and doesn't release it's hold...

I can promise you that it will get much more intense and much more deeper from here on out.

Know that this time that we spend together is all me, there is no scripts, there is no faking it. All of it truly is what it is. Don't come to me for a quick jerk off with little money in your account and don't come to me thinking that I am going to be your new best friend. I sound nice but deep down I am a very cruel bitch!