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Mistress Alexandra Chicago

Mistress Alexandra Duvre - Financial Fetishist

Venus in Furs - Financial Fetishist

A Goddess such as I has many needs, and you will fulfill all of them. I see you with your bony, bleach blonde, leathery tanned wife staring at Me from the corner of your eye. Deep down you crave to be engulfed in My soft, voluptuous, alabaster flesh.....well.....dream on! This is as close as you will ever cum. First, you'll feed my hunger. My velvety dark skin needs constant pampering. You will pay for all My spa visits before you even earn the privilege of kissing My perfectly pedicured toes. And of course, you'll pay for those pedicures too. Nothing exits Me more than those petite Asian women rubbing and fussing over My feet. If only they knew how it pleasures Me to put that chair on "vibrate" Maybe, if you're a very good boy I'll think of you while they're doing Me. And, of course, nothing but the finest fabric may ever touch this flesh. So dig deep boys - keeping Me in My Ralph Lauren Sheets in going to cost you. I love the way they feel after seaweed wrap. I roll around in my 300 count sheets wearing nothing but My Brazilian lingerie and Von Tease silk stockings. The only thing that could be better would be gently nibbling on the Belgian chocolate that you send Me. As I luxuriate in My fine linens, My perfectly polished long, red talons extract the truffles from the box. I place them on my tongue and My full lips close around them. They are firm on the outside, and gooey on the inside – hummm…. I bite down sharply on them and the explode with flavor as I swallow them..... As they fill Me, I feel my thighs, hips and breasts swelling. All the better to smother you with. I imagine Myself sitting on your face, full weight, eating chocolates as I snuff the life out of you as you empty your pockets for Me. you are completely helpless in this position as I reach down to your cock with My long sharp nails. With my full weight on your head no one can hear your screams as I tug and twist at your pathetic member. And the louder you try to scream, the more your head vibrates against My divine bottom as your life slips away -In England they call an orgasm. Perhaps I'll think of you as I sit on the pedicure chair. The vibrations will remind Me of your last gasps as you struggled for air under My weighty power....Ooooohh, that makes Me wet. Now stop staring like a useless ass! Try to be a man! Reach out to your credit card and give Me a call!
Mistress Alexandra Duvre