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BUSTED, B*TCH! (Your CRIMES Will Now Be Punished!)

You have been a NAUGHTY BOY/BOI!

And UNTIL NOW, you seem to have gotten away with everything....

But MISTRESS ALEXANDRA HAMILTON is on the scene now - with more insight than CSI, more attitude than Judge Judy, and more justice to administer than the friggin Supreme Court!

The GOOD thing about being punished by the justice system is that it gives you a clean slate, and a clean conscience. You can stop worrying about being found out. You can sleep at night knowing that you have paid your debt to society.

MISTRESS ALEXANDRA HAMILTON's Court is In Session! Play the humiliating, wallet-draining game, "BUSTED, B*TCH!" and have all your sins judged. After doing "community service" for all of your evil deeds, you can start over with a clean slate and build a better life.

"BUSTED, B*TCH!" works like this:

  • Your Confession! Tell me ALL your sins - and I want the DETAILS!
  • Your Trial! Look, B*tch, you confessed right? We both know you are guilty!
  • Your Sentence! And your performance of same in front of me, on webcam!

Throw yourself on the mercy of MISTRESS ALEXANDRA HAMILTON's court. And who knows what sexy sentencing you might receive?


To get started, click the payment mail button below. It only costs $5 to get started, but trials can be pretty expensive, you know?