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Zombie Queen

Hypnosis+Witchcraft. Don't worry, you can trust me

American men are such easy prey. I have been practicing/studying hypnosis and witchcraft like evil seductive scientist to get my kicks and I can't get enough.

I am Russian but mostly lived in Romania and this is where I began my life of wickedness and debauchery.If you are only looking for a quick fantasy to get off this is not for you. I am not here to listen to you jerk off. I really want to mess with your mind. I want your essence to make me more powerful.

I will be doing a relaxation process that will soothe your muscles and empty your mind. Then I will do a "reading" using a blend of herbs and spices, depending on your date of birth and let you in on my visions for you. Please have candle for the hypnosis/relaxation part of our session as everything about the candle you choose tells me more and more about you. I have been talking to men who merely enjoy telling me about themselves, like how their wives cuckold them or how much they love worshipping woman's body.. I love that.. Especially since it gives me ideas on how to corrupt more and more men! My price has 3's in it because it is magical # - Not because I am half evil - There is no devil - Only Goddess - and you Will worship Me!
2.00 get ADDICTED. A Taste of Ass Worship

I have Rules near the bottom of my listing.

$25.00 Flashing Evil Hypno Aid for Cock Suckers!
$19.00 Kinky Goddess Photo Set. My perfect luscious Ass will Fuck with your Mind

Visit The Collector, My Partner in Crime who Loves to devour the energy from weak male sluts, just as much as I do. And you may find us together, under my Couples Listing, as well. We will be recruiting and Possessing slaves beginning Friday January 13th,,how fitting..

If you believe the hypnotist should be ready to bend to your will because you are the customer, I cannot stress how wrong we will be for each other. Of course I want my pets to be happy and warm but this is not all about you. There are plenty of pretty girls if this is not to your liking.I'm not big bad wolf..You may even find me quite lovely. You attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar, yes. And my hypnosis will relax you so completely and thoroughly I am sure you will agree to most anything. I want to control you..I want to possess you.


1. If you need to email me to ask questions instead of calling, you cannot afford my services. Emails from boys I have not spoken with must be accompanied by a $5.00 tribute for my time. If you email me anyway and I do not recognize your name, your email will not be opened and you will be blocked. I am not running a charity shop here.

2. Boys who rarely leave nice feedback but have no problem leaving negative feedback..and I am Not talking about for me, but rather people on here in general, are jerks who do not deserve the pleasure of my company. So many men here are weaklings like little girls who's eyes well up with tears so easily. Don't you get it? I like to make you cry.

3. If you have no balls and prefer to take out frustrations here in a place that should be wonderful and full of fantasy and submission, I do not want your negative energy. Stay away!

4. If you hang up on me, it's automatic block and no matter how many times you look at my listing, this will never change.