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Hello sluts and slaves.I am Goddess Monika.

First of all….
I am REAL!
I am 22, from Europe, but i come in USA very often. I am not one of the fat girls on here who post listings with fake photos… all you will see on this page is reality! And u will fucking pay for this reality!! Because I am addictive… and u will see it soon….

My birthday is December 22th and is now the most important day of your year. I enjoy shopping, vacations, travel, fine dining, dancing, and anything else my greedy heart desires. I do all of these luxurious activities from your bank accounts across the world.
Some of my favorite fetishes are:

  • financial domination
  • humiliation
  • bi-sexuality
  • webcam sessions
  • feminization
  • panty slaves
  • personality & behavior modification
  • strap-on training
  • pain sluts
  • shopping slaves
  • forced intoxication
  • cum restrictions
  • orgasm denial
  • chastity
  • CBT
  • foot worship
  • cuckolding
  • ball kicking
  • I get my thrills from taking advantage of your weakness for me. Turning a grown man into my personal atm machine that will entertain me at all costs will always amuse me. If you are lucky enough to earn a position as my slave, your existence in my world will depend on your ability to serve and spoil me.

    Be prepared to entertain me. Tribute and work hard to gain my attention. Be a good slave boy and find yourself in my dungeon begging for mercy. I know your tiny and pitiful excuse of a 'cock' is hard right now. I also know that you can't classify it as a 'cock', so from now on its my teenie weenie. Too pussy to call? I bet you already know that I will be the one to ruin you. Click some tribute buttons!! Rightnow!!!! Only who tributes me get my attention….Your money is now my money and you love it.

    You need Me now, huh? Your penis and mind crave My attention at this very moment.

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    Now... Stop Jerking your cock.. i know you are doing it... don't be surprised....stop it i said!!!! Now tribute me, be a good boy, and than call me! Maybe i will let you cum.... maybe.... maybe i will let you play with it really really fast... maybe...just few things are sure at the moment you are gonna spoil me, giving me your money, and if u will be a good boy, i will accept you as my slave... so... DO IT. TRIBUTE ME. IMPRESS ME! If you are not man enought to call me, i also am accepting email messages and application, so u can write me if you want. Obviously i will not even open your email without a IMPRESS ME PIG.