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MY NEWEST GAME: The Endless Hypnotic Voice Trap
Similar to my wildly popular Endless Hypnotic Text Trap Game, this game has mp3s attached to each step. This one is deceptively simple - you'll achieve orgasm in only ten steps - but you'll never truly be able to escape the trap. Intense orgasm, conversational trance, endless looping circular pleasures - fall in and revel in being there, because you'll never get out. It's just $1 to start - come play!

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Well, hello, boys. You've found the absolute best in erotic hypnosis when you clicked on this listing - well done.

I'm Priestess Katherine and it's my pleasure to welcome you to your newest addiction, your most all-encompassing desire. If you're here you've already proven you're willing to take the first step - something in you (maybe even something buried deep in your subconscious) is intrigued by hypnosis, and you're ready to play with the best.

I'm an accomplished erotic hypnotist and I devote countless hours to perfecting my craft. I'm intelligent, literate, and very, very, very good at what I do. It also happens to be my own personal kink, as well - and you'll be able to tell from the moment I pick up the phone how incredibly present and enthusiastic I am to play with you.

I definitely have a dominant bent; I enjoy making the rules, taking charge, taking control. I love fetish and have been heavily involved in the D/s lifestyle for many years. I am well versed in everything from the mundane to the exotic, silk scarf bondage to butterfly boarding. If you're interested in a completely vanilla encounter I am always game for that as well - I love guided fantasy, and the realness and intensity of trance makes it that much better for both of us. As long as you approach me from a place of respect and enthusiasm you can be assured that we'll both have a very good time.

Even if you aren't into hypnosis, you'll be amazed at how much it adds to the fantasy experience. You'll have a session so real you'll smell my perfume on your clothes when you come out, and be drained and blissful as you are after the most intense of real life experiences.

I often receive mail about my prices; I find that they are commensurate with my skills and talent, and my incredible knowledge and facility with erotic trance. I have many, many loyal gentlemen at the rates I charge. I am not simply raising my prices to sell PPV items; if my line is on, I am genuinely available to take your call and am ready to play. If this is out of your range, you may find that my extensive collection of pay per view items or my recorded listings are more your speed, or even contact me in regards to a custom. On Saturdays I generally drop my rates; I enjoy addicting new boys and rewarding my regular callers.

My PPV is varied, but is shot in crystal clear high definition with a professional camera that is most often used by local news teams. My audio is phenomenal, recorded in my personal home soundstage. The vast majority of my PPV is too large to be attached to niteflirt mail; it's on a password protected area of my site. Please be advised that I refuse to release inferior versions of my work, and so the video files are quite large. Be patient as it loads - I assure you the wait is worth it.

So settle in! Give me a call and act on the urges that drove you here in the first place. Find a PPV that trips you trigger, or call one of my recordings. You and I are going to have a very, very good time.

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