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Ms. BANX Takes YOU To The BANK!!!

Hey LO$ERS! My name is Brooke, but YOU will refer to me as "Miss Banx" from now on, got it? I am a model and actress in Hollywood, so I am used to people BEGGING to talk to me and treating me like a Princess. However, I just only recently found out that there are a whole SLEW of "men" out there that just LOVE to be USED, talked down to, belittled, and LAUGHED at by HOTTT girls like me! And to think, I've been doing this to men at bars for FREE all these years! LOL!

Well, from now on I want you losers to leave me alone at the bar so I can talk to HOT guys- and you can call me on this line so I can at least make $$$ off it as I laugh in your face and drain all your MONEY!!!! LOL! I love it! I get to be as mean, arrogant, and snobby as I wanna be- and you losers will actually get OFF on it and PAY me for it!! HAHAHA!!! This is GREAT!

And at $20 a minute, I might actually LIKE talking to your pathetic ass! LOL! CALL ME NOW, BITCH! You know you want to... And btw, YES that is really me in the pix and YES you will really be talking to ME, GORGEOUS, BLONDE GODDESS in Hollywood that you would NEVER be able to talk to in real life! So call me NOW so I can laugh at how pathetic you will be for me, piggy!!! Call me NOW and OINK for me! LOL!!!!! ;) DON'T FORGET! BEFORE YOU CALL YOU MUST PAY THE ENTRY FEE ~>
March 2010

March 2010

March 2010