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The Dominant Wife



For the Man Who Knows His Place.

Familiar with the Fetish drawings and illustrated stories from the late 50s through the late 60s? Does the name Eric Stanton ring a bell?

Even if you have not discovered his art yet (I suggest you Wiki it and look for links at the bottom of the Wiki page) you're about to find out something very fast


My name is Mona (though you have to earn the permission to call Me by my first name).Domina/Goddess Mona will do for now.

I am a Dominant Wife. I am a Goddess, and expect to be treated as such.

I love being a Goddess ...I love everything about it.

This Goddess is A walking, talking Eric Stanton drawing.

Are you unsure what the women in his comics (and I) look like? How do I put this in a way? There's a certain basic Cable show that just finished its 4th season, a drama, critically acclaimed and recipient of many, many awards, that takes place in the 60s (I think the show is now set in 1965). If you've seen it, you've seen a certain female character who plays an office manager nicknamed "Red" who has been on the show since the pilot episode, wears very form-fitting dresses and as a necklace, a golden pen around her neckā€¦ OK, if you don't know who I am talking about by now, then you don't watch the show,. If you have watched the show and not noticed her, I suggest you check your pulse to make sure you still have one.

If you love Women built like Joan (whoop, looks like the cat's out of the bag about which TV show and character I was referring to) and fantasize about how she should punish her husband to show him his place and that SHE is the one in charge, then we are most definitely on the same page, or least of the same opinion on how she should teach her simple-minded husband s lesson--SEVERAL, actually--how to treat a Beautiful Goddess and Statuesque Dominant Wife..

Imagine your orgasm COMPLETELY under MY CONTROL, slave.
That is just one of the ways that a Dominant Wife exerts her POWER.

Would like to like to know more? You'd better GET DOWN on your knees and PRAY that you do NOT find out the HARD WAY.
HEY! Did your Goddess Mona, give you permission to stand up?
When Domina says DOWN you will STAY DOWN!
Do you understand Me?

Good boy.

You may sit.
Listen a little more carefully, now!

Always Listen To Your Dominant Wife ...If you Know What's Good For You!

If you desire Goddesses to tease and deny without mercy, DAMN, have YOU ever come to the right Listing!

Remember, this is only the beginning... much, much more content and visuals are coming soon. I realize that this page, as it now stands, is rather sparse on illustration. I don't even have a wish list link posted yet, and that usually gets done very quickly! If you drop me a line and respectfully request to tell Me about your love for this kind of art, and where YOU think a man's REAL place is, (mentioning any past collections, experiences, and and fantasies is also a good start) I will be happy to notify you as soon as more content becomes available... you won't have a long wait! I enjoy reading well-written correspondence, or at least some that you have obviously put a little care into. I don't expect an erotic novella (though I do get them sometimes) but I do like to know your deepest desires. Oh, I'll figure them out anyway, but a head start never hurts.

Note on that subject: I receive many NiteFlirt mails, not that I am complaining. Keep in mind, however, crude, sloppy messages with ridiculously obvious English/grammar violations will not be given priority reply. I don't mean you cannot be succinct in your message if you wish to correspond/speak with Me right away. Just remember who you are talking to (and that I am going for My graduate degree in English soon)! If English is not your first language, that doesn't mean you can't correspond with Me, just let Me know at the start of the message so I know.

Just wait till you speak to me, hear my seductive voice. I'll tell you many more details, answer questions you have. I have been known to asnwer especially thoughtful messages with a voice recording, but I cannot promise this on every piece of mail I receive. If more than a week goes by without a response, you may contact Me again and let me know it has been a week. I try to respond in a timely manner, but sometimes life pops up and slows everyone down. I am sure you understand.

Beware! This Dominant Goddess is very, very habit-forming! Usually, all it takes is one call with Me. You'll realize sooner or later (usually pretty fucking soon) that you've been in bondage from the start, but FAR TOO LATE to wriggle free!

Keep in mind: The Dominant Wife is always seeking to add to My collection of long-distance slaves. I have several long-time, devoted, and loyal servants whom I have owned and kept for years, who don't even remember life before I came along and made them mine. Don't get Me wrong, they please Me, serve Me, and treat Me exactly as I deserve ...but I'm pretty sure I have room in My golden cages for a few more. I am very, very selective, however.