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are you ashamed of your gay thoughts? call me!

Closet sissy? Scared? Ashamed? DON'T BE!! I understand your dilemma, you
want to JUST BE YOURSELF, but it's SO hard!! The things you have to go thru
to be yourself...not THAT is shameful! Your *wife* doesn't understand, the guys
at the gym SURE don't sux :-(( But I can help you feel better about
yourself! You can ALWAYS be yourself with me, vent a little, have some fun!!!

When we're together, you can talk about ANYTHING and I will not judge
you, EVER. You can say anything, do anything, dress any way. I won't go
blabbing my mouth about you - it's our time together and it's between us.
There is no reason to be ashamed of being a closet sissy, PLEASE don't be.
I understand that you have certain *urges*, and need to fulfill them. Call
me for a "session" and get it out!! Then you can go about your everyday
life, being the "man" that everyone expects you to be. Can't wait to hear
from you, really. I'm logged in ALOT, so I'll be here when you NEED me.

I'm not a psychiatrist, or a registered therapist, I just understand what
you're going thru...I have a couple "man" friends that are going thru the
same thing...I'm the only one that gets them!! One of them is going thru a
nasty divorce because his wifey caught him with a dildo up his ass looking at
gay porn :-(( It's so sad. SO call me, get out all your feelings, and do NOT
be ashamed when you're with ME. I love you all, and I want to help :-)) We
can be the way YOU want to be...just tell me how you feel!

We can be the way YOU want to be...just tell me how you feel! Some guys
LOVE me to make fun of them, it's what gets them off. Some guys just like
to play *dress up*, some guys want me to degrade them, it's all about YOU.
Email me first if you want to, I can get to know you a little better, or just
call me, we'll get to what gets YOU off....I can't wait to get to know YOU!!!

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A lot of guys want to know..."Jacki, am I GAY"? Well, if
you have to ask...LOL, actually, why not take the gay pic the pix, take a look, if your dick starts to get
hard, or you picture yourself in the scene, or if you start
to think of ways to GET into a picture like these, then
you MAY have gay tendencies...take a look, let me know
what happens when you look at them hmmm?

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