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TuffGirl Tess

Hi Losers- Im your new Princess, your new obsession, your Perfect and totally real Goddess. Im here to totally fuck you over and im going to enjoy every fucking second of it. Men are Scum- they were put on this earth for no other reason than to service women in every way possible. Since men are such ignoramuses, they often get confused and think they are superior to women when in fact the exact opposite is true. Women rule the World. They are more intelligent, can get anything they want through their seductive powers and leave men stupid, pathetic perverts drooling at their feet. A woman can easily manipulate a man much easier than a man could ever manipulate a woman. It is this true statement that proves my point- Women are Superior to men.
I will take your Money any Time, Any Hour of ANY Day. I dont give a FUCK! Call and be thankful I am allowing you a glimpse into my Amazing World at ALL! Princess Tess
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You will call and you will do as you are told you inferior piece of shit. Otherwise I do not have time for you. I will enjoy making you believe that you have a chance to fuck me in real life but we both know it is all just a dream of yours that will never happen. If I am horny I will use your cock until I cum. If I feel like teasing you and giving you nothing and laughing at you then be happy you are even getting any of my attention in the first place.
Thank me for every drink I tell you to take and for every time I allow your pathetic ass to touch yourself. You do Not deserve to Cum. You will eat my pussy for as long as it takes for me to squirt on your face multiple times until I get bored. I would ride your cock until I cum hard as fuck and squirt all over your face and cock and then climb off of you leaving you drooling for more. If I thought you were about to cum I would stop and slap the shit out of you and spit in your face for fucking up my orgasm. You would be tied up of course so there is nowhere to go dumbass. Haha. Thank me and beg for more you dumbfuck. That is how the fuck it should be. My pleasure is all that matters. Men have been using Women for centuries. Times are changing. Its time to even the score. Call Now to be Fucked and Forgotten. Luv Your Sweet Princess
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