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Welcome to the closest thing to paradise, my world. A world where almost everyone's desires become a reality. A world where your hidden kinks are embraced and exposed. Here you are safe to explore your inner most urges, dive deeper into the sub space where you know you belong, and become your true self. Expanding your reality with intuitive training is by far the best method to achieve supreme submission.

Giving up all control over every aspect of your manhood is truly the only way someone such as yourself could ever have a hope in hell of pleasing me. I believe wholeheartedly in Female Supremacy, and that no man should ever disgrace a woman with his weak, tiny clit stick.

If you are a clit stick offender who has subjected a woman to the feebleness of your attempt at a dick, you must confess and be punished for your blatant disregard for the pussy! After taking the punishment, you will surrender your wives, girlfriends, and lovers to a good home... MINE! Don't worry, they will be taken care of in every way you thought you could. Some will be turned into Goddesses that will assist me in draining the testosterone out of every undeserving male on the planet. Others will become my personal pets and will service the few remaining deserving men.

As for you little worm... you will never feel the warmth of a pussy on that clitty ever again! Unless of course I have you wipe up some left over cum off the floor with your clitty tip. Remember, I decide what qualifies you as a real man worthy of pussy, not you. Approach me with a cocky self-entitled attitude or attempt to top me, and you will immediately be placed into the GTFOH (Get The Fuck Outta Here) category, never to return. So watch your step and your mouth... I am not the one you want to fuck around with.

Now, some more enticing details about what I have to offer you if you behave. As you know, I enjoy abusing, destroying and humiliating men. But what could be better than doing what I love with girls I love.

Thats right! I have a collection of amazing people who are equally kinky and creative as I am. A few special ones...

  • Gorgeous exotic Dommes who love to entangle filthy little perverts in their webs

  • Softer, more sensual girls who love to please (only for V.I.P).

  • Men who enjoy making a little cucky squirm while they fucks your wives!

Custom everything is available by sending your written request in detail to me, and I will decide if it is something I wish to accommodate or not. Email for skype ID, and email or call to set up a skype WITH phone session.