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Safe space for men. (Read profile before calling.)

Who Am I?

Under a different name and account, I am a highly rated NiteFlirt (and, at times, real life) domme who specializes in making men feel really bad about themselves. I have been on Niteflirt since 2010 and am consistently in the top 5% of all flirts, according to NF's reports. I am in my late 20s and am an objectively good-looking woman so I use that to my advantage. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of crushing mens' egos and taking advantage of mens' fetishes. I have made scores of men addicted to me in a way that transcends the layman's comprehension. Until 2015, this was my often unused back-up account, just in case the other one got flagged for whatever reason.

Why Am I Doing This?

For the last 2 years, I have been questioning my profession. Many men have cried to me and asked me why I used my beauty and intelligence to exploit their weaknesses. For a while, my answer vacillated between "because I can" and "if I don't do it, someone else will." Hindsight made me realize that thanks to my skill in humiliation, I slowly began to see men as ragdolls and morons. Psychological torture and emotional sadism were no longer just my shtick on Niteflirt - they began bleeding over into my personal life. I didn't honor boundaries, nor did I have any respect for the rules of BDSM (safe, sane, consensual). When I inevitably pushed one of my slaves too far, he wrote me a long letter letting me know that he will be disabling his NF account, enrolling into therapy (yet again), and hopes I reconsider what mark I leave on the world. My reflex was to laugh. Then, I saw his point. Why was I doing this? The feeling of power, but more importantly, money. The money was far too good to pass up, as I was making thousands of dollars per week with almost no effort. Regardless, his comment began eating away at me bit by bit. I suppose this is my way of giving back and helping men who legitimately feel like they have been sucked into their fetishes and addictions and want to get out.

What Is This Line For?

This line is for heartfelt conversation between two honest people. This line is a safe space and will not be used to make you feel worse about yourself - even if you ask for it. There will be no roleplay (despite the category this listing is technically in), no jerk off instructions, and no negative psychology used against you. I will not be taking advantage of you here. Boundaries will be set and respected by both parties. We can discuss whatever you'd like, but I will not be offering conversations of a sexual nature here. I am keeping my rate here low to make this line accessible to all.

Tributes are appreciated, but not required.

To retain my anonymity, as I am still an active domme on this site, I will be somewhat masking my voice and will not be sending out my photos. Please do not ask.