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I will seduce you, you will cum - MistressTethra

The best and most reliable way to ensure that you have a chance to talk to Me is to message Me and schedule a time to talk.

I am creative and flexible. I love to be your Boss or Naughty Neighbor. I invite you to tell me your fantasies. How would you like me to top you, to punish you, or to guide you to your hidden desires?

I love fast and firm tongue. Care to see if you can measure up? Describe to Me how you'd lick My Sweet Pussy... If you get Me really worked up, I will let you watch Me masturbate while you touch yourself.

I also really love (can't get enough of) making little slaves wear sexy undergarments out to an art gallery opening or a movie, then to dinner... Then taking them home, shoving aside the panties and fucking them with My Strap-On.

I am a Femme Domme that actually lives the lifestyle and I have an insatiable sexual appetite. I love making subs wear sexy undergarments out to an art gallery opening or a movie, then to dinner... Then taking tham home, shoving aside the panties and fucking tjem with My Strap-On.

For the past three years, I have been really diving into BDSM and role-playing with a couple of my lovers, as well as attending a lot of kinky workshops and events. Really living the Lifestyle, just trying to really know everything there is to know and try everything out. It's been so exhilarating, I have loved topping so many little subs and I am a VERY good Domme, I can unlock anyone's fantasy or hidden desire.

I extend Myself as a Pro Domme for phone sessions or video chat. I am be especially interested in playing with clients who are submissive over the phone or video chat, but I am often up for anything. Why not message or call Me to find out what I can do for you or make you to for Me?

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Are you a little more vanilla? Do you need your mind to be engaged before your body can get into it? I completely understand, sometimes I like some intellectual flirting before I fuck, too. I am rather a Jill-of-All-Trades and can converse on almost any subject before talking you through a nice sexcapade. What are you waiting for? Let's talk!

Want to know more about Me?

My day jobs are working as an actual teacher in an after school program and as a nanny. I like to be in charge and I like to explore with genuine care and curiosity in all parts of My life... So, my blossoming in kink the last two years makes sense, given my insatiable sexual appetite and drive to seek adventure and challenges, but I can be tender and sweet as well.

Tell Me what you're thinking...

Keep in mind, I am a busy Woman, how will you be worth My while?

Here's a good place to start in getting My Attention:

Mistress Tethra