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Pay your tribute

It's payment day and you have to pay the Mistress! Why? Because she says so! So hand over all your money stupid faggot and get ready to become a heelsucking little bitch. Open up your mouth and eat up her ashes and swallow her spit. You are dusgusting

You’re a money slave, at least by my definition and mine is the only one that counts. Now money is a basic necessity to life. I mean think about it, what do you need to exist on a daily basis? Just to live… you need food, water and air right? But without money you can’t have food, so you need money just to meet the three basic necessities in life.

Now with anything that important comes power. So money is one of the most powerful things out there and power, well power is fucking sexy, that’s why you’re so drawn to me, because I’m in control, I have the power and that makes me sexy.

Money is so powerful that makes the giving and taking of money one of the most rewarding power exchanges possible. Just like any other fetish based on Dominance and submission, the concept at first can be strange. It might even seem a little extreme, but just think of some of the other fetishes out there and you’ll realize it’s not that far fetched at all.

Money is a physical absolute. Money is all things to all people. Everyone understands money, and that’s why it’s so easy for me to be in such control of you. Because the money you give me is symbolic of you’re giving yourself to me, you’re giving away and surrendering to me the one thing that we can all understand. Money.

So are you a money slave? You’re anything I say you are and anything that makes me happy. So yes, you’re a money slave. You might not be a very well achieved money slave, you might be a little wanna be piggy or you might well be one of those boys that has already been so Financially fucked that your sitting there questioning why you’ve done all this and wondering why you can’t stop. But no matter where you are on the Ladder of Financial Fuckery it all boils down to one thing, you can’t stop…. because I’m just that addicting.

10 Levels of Azereael's Financial Fuckery

One : Get your big toe wet by sending $10.00, small reward for obeying

Two : Stick your feet in by sending $20.00, you get a reward for obeying

Three : Get in the water up to your waist by sending $25.00

Four : Get in a little further and start letting go by sending $50.00

Five : Get in up to your shoulders and realize you are liking it. Send $60.00

Six : Get in up to your neck and know you are WANTING it. Send $100.00

Seven : Get in up to your nose and know you are BEGGING for it. Send $200.00

Eight : Get in up to your eyes and know you are losing to me. Send $500.00

Nine : Get in up to the top of your head and know you are in deep. Send $500.00

Ten : Get in over your head and know you are Mine. Send $1000.00

Now you are mine and you can go to the next level slave! You May now click this button and go to the next level of being owned. Congratulations my dear piggy bank, you can continue on your journey