Phone Sex

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Let me into your mind...Are you afraid to??

Mind control... hypnosis... psychology of sex...

These are things that are a part of me, my personality.

I was born a Dominant Woman. It is a part that I was made for. I've been twisting men around my little finger to do what I want them to since I was a little girl looking just like Shirley Temple.

Sexually I've always gotten what I wanted, when I wanted it.

For 16 years I have been living the lifestyle of a Dominant Woman. In true life and professionally also. I've run support groups and had play parties. I am a certified Hypnotist and on my way to my psychology degree. What more could you want? I will tell you, if you are interested in a call for hypnosis, letting me into your mind, it will be a long call 30 mins or more... I do the real thing!

Are you up to it? Do you think you can turn yourself over to me? I'm subtle, I'm sensuous and I'm sadistic when I want to be!!!!

You may never know throughout our conversation that I have 'brought you over to my side' of things.

Let's talk about your wants and needs... tell me it all... I'll tell you what I want you to do for me, right then, right now.

I won't raise my voice unless you don't listen or are a bad boy. I get your attention better that way. Physical punishment is something you want. Punishment is not supposed to feel good...

MY Domain is YOUR mind. Turn yourself over to me... heart and soul... nipples and cock...

I have my toys ready... Do you think you are ready for me?

My bare handed spankings. My torturing and teasing your cock and balls. Your nipples more sensitive than you thought could ever be.

Touching... Tickling... Long Fingernails brushing your body in places you've never though of. Look at my sumptuous and ample breasts, think about them because you won't be touching them. See my eyes staring deep into yours. Look away quickly, you realize that you can't see into me without feeling the intensity inside of me. Binding your arms, your cock, your legs... wherever and whatever I want. Should I use cuffs, rope or perhaps mummify you in plastic wrap! Hood or Blindfold when your eyes start wandering? Gagged if you can't keep your mouth shut?? So many things for me to think of doing to you and only you.

Look around your house and think about what you have that I just might tell you to get to use on yourself for me. Hairbrush, toothbrush, spatulas, lubricant, carrots, cucumbers, paperclips, wooden spoons, shoe laces, big thick rubberbands, staple gun oops, that's reserved for the special boys... Just a few of those impromptu session items...

Or are you one of those who already has your playtoys and uses them on yourself without a Mistresses permission? Very Bad!

I have special things I do to bad boys...

Do you have the strength it takes to call a woman like me??

Do it and let's see... CALL ME NOW!!!!