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Crystal Creampuff BBW

See me Wiggle and Jiggle like a Bowl of Jello

Hi ya all sexy chunk lovers. My name is Crystal!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicYes I do! Such a blub of lard I have become.

When I walk, waddle, and have sex (if I am lucky) my fat tummy wiggles, my tits jiggle, and my ass shakes and bounces--Like when I am on my knees getting poked:)

My tits and tummy does a jello roll and sags downwards. My naked body is just like a bowl of jello!Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Now all I need is some hot lovers hot cherry body lotion and throw in the whipped cream, my man can have me some cherry jello delight!

True, I was ALWAYS fat!!! Well, pleasently plump. Neverthrless, I was called "Crisco Crystal" aka "FAT IN A CAN"
I am used to the insults. I even welcome the insults. Just more of me to love and squish
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Some people say fat people are easy lays. Can't comment on that! Because I happen to love to fuck and that's the only thing I like better than food.I dream of food all the time but I dream of sex even more!!!Meat meat and More MEAT(the latter is the one that does not come with potatoes....something else...round and hairy)YUM! All is good..All is good!

About my plumpy pleasure zones,I love my big titties sucked on, my fat juicy pussy slurped slopped sucked. I do have a sloppy pussy....a big JUICY sloppy pussy.The lovers or one night stands in my life enjoyed my creamy shaved puff. Some inexperienced ones enjoyed rubbing their hands all over my body in search of........THE HOLE!...he! he! Anyway, as you can see, I am big so my ass and tits and belly shake when I jello..especially when I am naked.I call my titties my MOUNTAINS OF DESIRE Wanna climb them with your cock and titty fuck me?
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I will find that cock if it gets lost in my mountains and I WILL SUCK it. I'm good at it too. I love to eat, love to suck...just like taking a polish sausage down my throat. Enough about me, what do you, like?

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Being submissive and FAT, I love to be used and told what a pig I am!

For now,I just live my life, get some dick when I can, eat until I am full and...

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Fat Women must be good for something else besides pork fucking!

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