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Mistress Brittany Andrews Ignore Line

THE OFFICIAL IGNORE LINE OF MISSTRESS BRITTANY ANDREWS Welcome you worthless Money pig! Cum to My official Ignore Line and you can call in and enjoy the perverted pleasure of being in the virtual presence of your one and only Goddess. Without even a brief and uninterested hello, I will toss you aside like the useless slave you are and go about My Fabulous Life. Your curiosity beckons as you keep hoping I will find the time to offer you a crumb of My existence. As Im doing My nails you hope for the mere cuttings. But you are not even worth My toenail clips you worm! Listen in and pretend you exist. Total 100% rejection. Me talk to you? Never!!! I have better things to do than talk to someone so below me… Listen to Me IGNORE you while I: * Take A Luxurious Bath * Go Shopping on 5th Ave in NYC * Chat With My Fabulous Friends * Listen To Music * Sleep * Work on The Internet * At the airport going somewhere Fabulous * Go to the Gym * Have dinners at Exclusive Restaurants * Go To Fabulous Premiers * Shooting a Film * Doing a PhotoShoot * Fucking some Hot Boy Toy Yes you maybe even be lucky enough to hear me having a great time with some hot fresh fuck meat, close your eyes, hate yourself for not being him. You can hear me talking about you, I dont even know your name. We just laugh at you for being so pathetic that in order to have a life you have to call me and listen to me have sex with men that can actually please a Mistress unlike you who will never even be able to touch a woman like Myself. Your humiliation of course will turn to adoration as you want to know how I enjoy these young boy toys while you sit there ogling for just a taste of the Goddess’ breath. My voice is so close, you want to scream for My approval. You are not the first, and you are certainly not the best!!!! My voice grinds through your body and all you want is to hear Me say your name. But you’re a pathetic slave, and the only thing Miss Brittany knows you as, is a distraction, a perverted attempt to become My entertainment. I laugh at you. 100% pure rejection from the Sadistic Seductress, the Mistress of Erotic Madness, the Priestess of Private Perversion For the ultimate Ignore experience Call Now and listen to Me blatantly IGNORE YOU!