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I have Marlboro Smooth 100s. Watch me on cam?

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★Sexy redhead smokes Marlboro Lights 100's for YOU on cam whenever you want★
My husband was the first one that originally told me about guys with smoking fetishes. He got me into showing other guys online my webcam while I smoke. I am someone that really cares about giving guys what they want when you call me. I understand what makes a woman sexy when they smoke a cigarette.

Don't be afraid to call me for whatever it is that attracts you to smoking. I know that different guys are into different things in the fetish.

Some guys just want to call and talk while I smoke a cigarette. I've been smoking since I was a teenager. I've smoked Marlboro Light 100's, Marlboro Menthols, Salem Light 100's, and Doral Light 100's. Right now I have Marlboro Light 100s, Marlboro Menthols, and Marlboro Smooth 100's with me and you can pick which one I smoke for our call.

Some guys have asked that I smoke with them, or watch them smoke on camera, or even force them to smoke. I love to play along with all of these as I really love to turn guys on.

If you want more of an X rated twist, you can ask and I'll be happy to get naked and masturbate while I'm smoking a cigarette. I can use my other hand or my dildo.

My husband is usually home and he loves to come in and watch while I do a call like this but it's totally your choice. If you have him come in, of course, he can participate in your fantasy. Would you like to see me smoking while I suck his cock so you can watch him cum on my face while I'm inhaling on my cigarette? If you want to see a smoking blowjob but you only want me, I have a realistic dildo that I can suck for you during our webcam session... Please just tell me any fantasy you want and I'm sure I can help.

Would you like me to exhale my smoke on his cock or maybe blow my smoke on his face while you watch and stroke? If you ask, I could blow my smoke towards the camera too so I could blow straight on your cock.

Or would you like to watch me on top riding him while I'm smoking a cigarette? Or him fucking me from behind while I'm smoking?

We can do it all and I will never think you are crazy no matter what kind of fantasy you want - so call me now. If I'm online, I'm waiting for you from home and can do smoking fetish calls right now.

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