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Strict Master - Experienced Humiliator / Dominant

My Interests:

I am a young, experienced, Male Dominant. I enjoy humiliation, degradation and complete power exchange. I am interested in a wide range of role plays, scene descriptions, life control, or any other type of power exchange.

How I became a Powerful Master:

Since an early age, I have been consumed with the desire for power. While typical of most type A’s, simply being successful in academia and in the business world was not enough for me. D/s has afforded the opportunity to supplement the success I’ve realized in the vanilla world and satisfy my hunger for more.

During high school, I took an assertive role with the girls I dated. The control I established was much deeper than simply in the bedroom. Control freak is a harsh word, but probably describes my role in the relationship. I am smarter, more attractive, and more successful – why should my girlfriend be making any decisions at all? Before long, I was telling her what to wear, what to eat, and even whom she could hang out with. That was high school.

During college, my urge for power grew ever stronger. I started meeting submissive women and developing real D/s relationships. One of my most epic stories is how I tamed the captain of the dance team in college. She was as bratty, narcissistic, and arrogant as they come – the envy of most guys at school. In less than two weeks, she had basically moved into my apartment wearing her uniform, a collar and nothing else. Her responsibilities included cooking, cleaning, and all activities involved in pleasing me.

Being a straight male Dominant, I have enjoyed the power and control I maintain over females. Men do not interest me sexually, but I do love taking power in all its forms. I have had male submissives contact me in regards to serving. This is interesting to me as it is purely a mental control and usurp of power. I will humiliate and degrade them through giving them menial tasks which I should not have to waste my time performing.

I have also had male subs offer monetary tribute. Being as successful as I am, I by no means need money from anyone. Our society does, however, give enormous power to those who hold money. Therefore, one method in my dominance over a male involves forcing him to make life sacrifices to save money, and tributing me with that money to further his humiliation. For example, I forced one male sub to bring a bagged lunch to work every day instead of going out to eat. In addition to the humiliation of his co-workers seeing him eat lunch like a schoolboy, he had to provide me with the savings he achieved by not going out to eat. That is absolute power and I love it.

That brings me to where I am today. I am an experienced Dom who enjoys power in all its forms.