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Denis CD

Seeking a Master to feminize me!

In addition to the fantasies mentioned below, I would love to be feminized by a man who appreciates "special" girls. I've found women and TG Flirts on the line to femme me, but can't seem to find a straight man to transform and; control me. Then a new caller has gotten into my head. I can't believe I'm considering meeting him, knowing that he will take over my life as I know it.

Maybe best friends/roommates without any women in their life. I'm fed hormones & conditioned with subliminals to become my best friend's girl.

Click on the picture and take a closer look. Don't you wish this was you after I'm done with you?

Would you like to share the experience of being feminized? Voluntary or forced?

Do you have a secret desire to be feminized (makeover, dressing, body, mind, Etc.) but know you couldn’t go through with it? Would you like the choice to be made for you?

CREATIVE FANTASY, NO TABOOS. Have you had difficulty finding a flirt that truly understands what you're looking for with your call, and can deliver? Are your calls to you favorite flirt(s) getting stale? If you want something more than a quick "Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am/Man", then I'm the flirt for you!

Let me mold & condition you into your perfect fantasy “girl”. Femdom, BD, TV, TG, Brainwashing, Cuckold, Perm/Semi-Perm Makeup, CD, Sissy, Straight, Gay, Bi, Magic, Sci Fi, Dom, Sub - just a sample of the variety of topics we can explore & enjoy.

I love to role play with someone being feminized against their will, in a slow detailed manner. Do you enjoy having your mind & body slowly changing without realizing it? I love the use of hypnosis, witchcraft, science fiction, magic, etc.

Do you want to be a cheating husband that is cuckolded with subliminal tapes at night & a daily dose of hormones? Or maybe you’re my roommate that gets this treatment?

Or maybe you’re a womanizing boss, that I condition through your computer at work through background subliminals and spike your coffee each morning with hormones. Through the use of blackmail, you will be changing day by day, starting with panties & stockings under your work attire.

Maybe you’ve been set up with me by your ex, and her payback for your poor treatment of her is me casting a spell I've discovered. You find yourself slowly changing to my total amusement.

Maybe my girlfriend left me for you. I decide that if I can't have her, I'll make sure you can't have her either. Have the “new you” service me in place of your ex!

How would you like me to take over your life as you know it?

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