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Hi! I am Candie.
Like my name, I'm sweet, yummy, totally lickable, and ... I'm irresistible!
I also like showing off. I like knowing that other people are watching me,
pretending to be disgusted by my sexuality,
but secretly wishing they could be me,
doing the things I do, fucking the men I fuck!

Would you like to cum and fuck me while everyone else watches?
Let's put on a show for everyone! Or do you wanna get a fuck in with me, your sexy babysitter, while your wife is in the kitchen making dinner?
I love being caught with a hard cock slipping into my tight creamy puss.

The first time I had sex in public I was on the bus!
I sucked his cock until his hot sticky load sprayed all over the seats and me!
He was the oldest man I'd ever been with!

Well, that was until Mr. Reynolds caught me masturbating at my desk.
He made me stay after class of course.
He said I needed to be punished for being so naughty!
The way he looked at me when he said that almost
made me cream my little panties then and there!

After class, when he was sure we were alone,
he forced his big hard cock deep into my virgin ass!
I was so embarrassed about how excited it made me!
When he finished "punishing" me, I was so excited I begged him to do it again.
That's when he forced me down on my knees and made me
wrap my lips around his still huge and throbbing cock.

As I was going to town on old Mr. Reynold's big dick, I glanced toward the door and noticed Wallace, the weird janitor staring in through the window and playing with himself. I smiled right into his eyes, and sucked that cock even harder. My addiction of being a exhibitionist was born from that moment on!

I love being watched and getting caught and punished!
I also developed somewhat of a taste for staying after school,
and helping the janitors "make their rounds" as they liked to call it.

OMG I am such a cum slut.
Don't you want to make me your Creamy Teen Candie slut?

Creamie Dreams!!!


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