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Feminizing and Cuckolding You

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"The perfect evil domme.
Great voice, and a warped sense of things.
Awesome call."

There are two types of men in this world: Dominant Alpha Males & minimen submissive cuckold sissies. If you have any doubt about which category defines you then you might as well tattoo the word 'miniman' on your head. Since a miniman cannot move in the direction of true maleness & domination, there is only one place left to go: into a deeper level of submission. To do this in an intelligent, sensual & completely tranformative manner, a submissive sissy must seek the skill, grace and experience of a Lifestyle Domme: A Truly Dominant Alpha Woman.

Sensual domination is what my world is all about. I don't yell or scream or read from a script like a silly mannabee bimbo domme bitch. I just sit on your face and tell you in a calm, sensual, and even loving manner what a submissive sissy you are and how I expect you to worship me, respect me, and crave the shaming control of my beautiful pussy power. You need to be emasculated and stripped of all illusions of masculinity (I don't say stripped of masculinity, because you never really were a man - it's simply a matter of stripping male illusions, you little girly bitch). As a BEAUTIFUL DOMINANT MISTRESS - so far out of your league it's pathetic - I enjoy nothing more than to see a submissive crossdresser sissy bottom bitch cringing before me in a state of powerlessness, vulnerability, and total submission while I finger my clitoris and look down and laugh at you, while you look up and drool for the tip of my big big black knobby strap-on dildo!

Domination means handing over your will to someone who knows better than you what's good for you. It means the worship of a beautiful and all-powerful woman. If you think you're ready for this journey into the powerful realm of the feminine, call me right now. Fetishes such as psychological domination and unempowerment, total feminization, sissification, and sissy-boy training, dominant girlfriend experience, dildo play, cross-dressing, transvestite training, castration fantasy, dressing like a slutty girl, strap-on dildo training, spankings, foot worship, oral service, ass worship, money slaves, financial domination, body worship, pussy worship, bondage and discipline, humiliation, MILF fantasy, role playing, anal stimulation, smoking, ass licking, micro-penis / tiny dick / small penis / small cock humiliation (small penis sissies are certainly the most emasculated of all submissives), little cock and ball torture / stimulation, paddling, caning, whipping, anal worship / face sitting (with my powerful shaved pussy and my large, fully engorged clit in your mouth), spitting, emasculation, sissy bitch training, and sex change / transsexual / gender transformation are all welcomed. As is calling just to speak about domination and what it's really about, and what it's like to be a dominant lady.

HUMILIATION, CUCKOLDING, SISSIFICATION, SISSY BITCH? Have your sex toys, dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, and / or crossdressing panties handy when you call me, bitch.