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Queen of the Dark

Baptism In Sperm Forced She Male Hypnosis

Listen to the sound of my voice, my plaything. I will take your orgasm for my own purposes, breaking you down for more servitude. You are a bitch toy for me to exploit. Once you have even the slightest contact with me, my demons will start to break you down in your dreams. Your sexual perversions will only make me stronger. I know all about your perverted fantasies, but I am about realizing those fantasies, making you the slut of your dreams. I will hypnotize you and spell bind you into becoming a classic faggot nymphomaniac. I have all the tools I need, and the personality of strength needed to dominate you completely. Your journey into my Dark Lair begins. Creating perfect faggot sex zombies in My Service. By day, you will be the vanilla Dr. Jekell, by night -- the cock chasing Mr. Hyde

My Satanic Philosophy (why you need Me)

I believe that Women are the guardians of life and its secrets. I believe that all Women carry a tremendous sexual power. I believe that men were created to serve that kind of Woman. I believe that men are born to worship and honor Women. You may be just the type of man that I am talking about. I am the Woman that occupies your darkest dreams, a powerful woman who will enchant you into my empire.

I enjoy hypnosis mind fucking and really enjoy intelligence and wit in a sub, watching you squirm is so pleasurable to me.

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Sin No. 8 Lesbian Gender Bender Sin No. 9 Vampire Lust, Intox Slut
Sin No. 11 Porno Addict Sin No. 13 Sodomy Infernal Sins of the Flesh
Most Perverted Place On The Planet 7 Delightful Sins: Sloth
7 Delightful Sins: Greed 7 Delightful Sins: Wrath
Blasphemy Brainwashing Sweet & Kinky Succubi Dreams Corrupt You
Mesmerized by Magic, the Queen Turns U Into A Woman Witches Circle Fuck
The Ultimate Satanic Controller Temple Sacrileges
Sub Sex Zombie Hypnotic Magick Brainwashing Mindless Sex Puppet You Obey Me
Satanic Contract I Am The Sadistic, Evil, Obsessive, Queen of Satan
First Trip To Hell First, There is the Simple Succubus Seduction
Baptism in Sperm Another Freaky Succubi Possession
Blasphemy Fetish Training The Devil Makes You Do It
Unholy Sperm Eucharist Worship Pictures I
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