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Pay me not to castrate you!

Pay a beautiful woman not to castrate you

I'm Mandy. Mandy Lops.

I have no use for men. I think there are way too many men in the world, far more than we need to continue the species. The world would be much better off turning the rest of them into eunuchs. They would be much better behaved. Any animal breeder could tell you that.

Yeah, there are a few good men. We'll keep them. We need a few good men. But you don't fit in that category, and you know it.

Why are you drawn to a beautiful woman who despises you and wants to emasculate you?

I get hyperbolic at times. But I'd be glad to cut off your nuts. I love to hear those moans of imagined pain when I do it to a guy over the phone.

So pay me not to castrate you, and maybe I won't do the moment. Or maybe I will...

What's your manhood worth to you, anyway?

You never can tell what's going to happen. Or when it will happen. You already know it is inevitable.


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