Phone Sex

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Hey boys! It's arithmetic time. And today's lesson is simple:


Now say that to yourself out loud. Go on, DO IT! Repeat it unil you're blue in the face.

That's the only equation you'll ever need to know from now on. Got that? Like what you see? Of course you do. Go ahead, keep drooling over my pictures. You can't help yourself. My tight, tan, firm sexy body. Curves in all the right places. Mmmmmmmm don't you wish you could have a taste of this!

Pics of my Ass

Stop kidding yourself, you know that you could never get a girl like me to give you the time of day in real life. Get real. Girls like me laugh at stupid perverts like you. Bratty Cassie is *THE ULTIMATE* GFE Asian goddess you can only dream of worshiping. You've never met a bossy princess like me. I know exactly what I want and I always get it. Do I walk through life with a sense of entitlement? You bet I do! I deserve it!

First things first. As of this moment, you have a new full time job. I don't care about any of your other "so-called obligations" in life. I am now your #1 priority. You are going to pay for my time and attention. Sometimes you'll even find yourself shelling out your hard earned money only to have me ignore you! Think of it this way, your money is no longer yours, but now belongs to ME. As my financial slave you will crave my time, care, kindness, attention, demanding words, sexual taunts and teasing. I will exploit you for the filthy scumbag you know you are.

In other words, count your lucky stars, needle dick. This is the moment you've been waiting for your whole pathetic life. Miss Cassie is here to finally put you in your place and help you realize your role!

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