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Danielle Divine

Real!! SENSUAL!! GODDESS!! Intro rates!


Welcome to my page

This page is not intended for the faint of heart

or those who like to waste my time.

I am looking for weak minded men in desperate need of guidance

and those dying to serve all the luscious offerings I have to admire


If you are easily manipulated and dying to live your life under the thumb of a real Goddess

I invite you to stay... purchase my IDs and we can begin what is soon to be your newest


I have just a few simple rules for you to follow for those who are eager to begin

1. I am number one! Don't forget that LOSER!! If you fuck with me I will Block You Faster than you can count the few dismal inches of your penis.

2. If you are expecting more from me or my cam shows you have to FUCKING PAY FOR IT!! My rates may seem reasonable... but that is just the beginning. I fully intend to work over your wallet.... So if you are a broke ass just move on!

3. I am the one in control of our call and cam session. Don't forget that. You address me as Goddess, Mistress or any other proper terms for someone so obviously superior to you!

4. One Minute Wonders will be blocked instantly. You fucking waste my time and you will never speak to me again!

5. I don't turn my cam on unless you are on the phone through NF. That's my final answer and those are the fucking rules... if you don't like them get the fuck lost!


Now that I've made myself clear we can move on to the more pleasant and entertaining aspects of our new  arrangement. I am generally a very sensual and sexual woman and I want you to be pleased with your experience. I want to make this into an arrangement that is beneficial to us both. But to do that it is going to require something from you.


My life should be luxurious and easy. I don't really want to work for a living. That is why I am here. For you to pay to admire me. It is a very simple arrangement really. I listen to all the sick perverted thoughts in your head, encourage your erections (that is if you are capable of one... I am more than willing to laugh at anything you may be a bit self conscious of) and guide you into a well deserved orgasm... But that is just and IF... meaning you have to fucking earn it. I want you to admire my ass, my breasts, my thighs... I want to tease you with the ways I can twist and manipulate my body... I want you panting and weak for release, but again... To cross the finish line takes work. If you don't play by my rules... I am MORE than capable of blocking your insubordinate ASS.