Phone Sex

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Well the name kind of warns you what's in store now doesn't it? I'll grab you while you're swooning and hit you where it hurts. You're used to women bruising your ego though aren't you troll? It's gotten so bad that you answer to any humiliating name women throw at you. Eraser dick,loser, dork,troll, hey you pig, any of it sound familiar? Of course it does you know what a truly pathetic lump of flesh you are.You also know the only thing you're good for is making us laugh.

I am a girl who loves to laugh. I especially love to laugh at horny wimps who need to be used. You can pay to talk to and e-mail with a girl who wouldn't ordinarily give you the time of day. My laugh will have you reaching into your mind looking for new ways to amuse me and make me giggle more.