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Cute! Fluffy! Come Over and Play!







My name is Leah! (It's the kind pronounced like Lei-Ah, like my mom liked Star Wars too much.) I'm nineteen, in college. I joined because my friend said I should, that it would be a nice way to talk to boys since I don't have anyone I'm seeing. I wasn't really sure, because I'm shy and I thought Why Would People Want to Talk To Me? she got together with me, and we had a couple drinks, and we made this whole bullet point list of Whys.

  • I'm cute! I'm blonde with blue eyes, I have a sweet face, and pretty legs. I'm nice to see all the way from my cute little toes to my fluffy hair.
  • I love talking and hanging out with new people. I love to listen about new things, and hear about people's days and what went on. Also, I'm very easy to talk to and I have a nice voice (and you know, a nice rest of me too but we can get to that later okay?)
  • I'm a girl who likes "Boy" things. I LOVE Super Smash Brothers way too much. I'd love to hear about anything about games, or computers, or science ok.
  • I'm a little shy at first (only at first) but I can be very... naughty. I've listened a lot to the other girls in school talk about their boyfriends, and how they do all kinds of things. I listen to what to do, and what not to, and how to touch here first and there second. I've had a few boyfriends, but I'm still learning, and I'd love to have some more first-hand experience. Maybe, you could... help me? It would be really sweet of you.

So that's me in a nutshell. I hope to talk to you soon!