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One day, I caught my boyfriend going through my panty drawer. He was wearing a pair of pink Victoria's Secret lace panties and a matching bra. He was also wearing a pair of pantyhose and some shiny black high heels that I'd never seen before.

Wow, he had a lot of explaining to do!

He confessed that he was a panty sissy and that having such a small penis made him feel more like a gal than a guy. I said that it was OK; we could work around it. I agreed that he could play dress up and I would even give him the strap on treatment, but there was something I needed, too: a big black cock.

So, every Friday night, I would dress him up with full make-up and even a curly blonde wig. Then I’d lock his little dick in a CB400 chastity device. And I'd force him to watch me get ready for my new black lover. When I was all dressed up - sexy as hell - I'd sit on his face and put him to work.

Once I got steamy and creamy, I'd go to visit my black lover. While I was away, the tiny little sissy puss had his clit-dick in chastity - locked up, so he couldn't even touch it. He’d watch videos of big black guys doing cute little blonde chicks with their huge manly cocks. I forced my sissy to watch the films and even write an essay about he felt being so emasculated. I told him that if he did a good job, he’d be rewarded once I returned.

After a few hours of really good lovemaking, I'd come home and if he did a good job, I'd sit on his face and put him to work. Then I'd bend him over and do him real hard, thrusting the strap on into him, just like my lover did to me with his big hard black dick.

So, my lil pussy bytch bottom guy got what he needed and so did I. Ever since then, I've enjoyed training mini-men in the art of being good lil obedient bottom toys.

Call me so that we can develop an intimate rapport that will hopefully lead to an enduring long-term dominant/submissive relationship If you're really open and honest, I'll give you the opportunity of getting to know the real me. Then you can be molded into the submissive clit that you were meant to be.