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Trixie: Girl Next Door Always Hungry for More!

And what do we covet? That which we see every day. You covet me, and I covet all the goodies that my girlfriends have: ever-shiny blonde, bouncy hair, pedicures, manicures, the hottest little outfits to make the boys crazy, fancy shoes that click when I walk taking mincing little steps, little short skirts, tight tops, JEWELRY, keys to my daddy's fancy car(s), lots of girls-nights-out, etc.

You want to see me leaving in the morning for the mall and coming home every day with tons of shopping bags. Inside you know I'm going to stuff my closet with girly crap and always come out wearing something new so I can compete with my bratty friends for attention and status. With you underneath me to laugh at, I get a definite boost! As your status weakens, mine strengthens.

Be a part of this timeless neighborhood dance of sex and power now by giving me, Trixie, SUGAR! I'm nice enough to say thank you briefly and effusively in passing with a giggle and maybe let you see me wearing what I've bought with your money, but you really have to keep paying me to maintain my attention.