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Oink Oink money swine, the Ultimate Greedy Bitch has just arrived! This listing is for the losers who know that their mission in life is to pay me for being so damned SEXY. Consider pampering and spoiling me to be fair compensation for those of you unfortunate enough to be born with a piece of useless flesh hanging between your legs.

Don't get me wrong, I love REAL men. But we both know you are not a member of that club, now don't we? LOL Thought so! Call me and pay my rent, buy my designer shoes, pay for my hot new dress (which I will wear on a date with a REAL man). We both know you have one redeeming quality, one last ditch way of pleasing me, and it's in your wallet, not your pants!

You will beg me to use you until you are ruined in every way. And maybe, just maybe, I will let you stroke your piggy stub while you max out those credit cards! Call me now... and give it all to the Ultimate Greedy Bitch!


$25 - Erection Tax
$50 - Stroking Tax
$100 - Orgasm Tax
$500 - Ultimate Loser Tax
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