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Lady Fox

La Femme Rouge- I am your Most Sensual Fantasy

A regal,Tall Woman enters- long red hair swept up, shapely & toned form gliding in with an air of owership. Her demeanor is that of a confident woman in command- and she knows it. Her green eyes sweep the room & land on you as she settles. The matre Ds scramble to serve her almost bickering over who shall have the privilege. She smirks as she notes your gawping presence winking wickedly before calling one server to her and sending the others scurrying back to their places to watch enviously the one whom was chosen. He fawns over her fetching her drink and such as she blatantly seems to ignore him and sips her wine while watching you over the glass rim. She gestures and the server is there before her hand falls, a small package is transferred and he scurrys away from her with it and heads your way. You watch fascinated and turn to look behind you, but there is no one there... the server arrives & with respectfully lowered eyes he offers the small package to you. Opening the package you find a dainty key on a red silk ribbon and a handwritten note...

I can be anything you wish me to be... Meet me at the number on the Key. Dont Be Late

You look quickly back to find that she has vanished and so have the servers. It seems you must don the Key and follow the instructions to find out more....