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Lady Obeya

Stunning Black Goddess seeks punks to Humiliate!

I am a real Black Woman. I am a living Black Queen. A stunning All-Natural Beauty. I am one of the most Beautiful Black Women you will ever have the privilege of worshiping. I know your ultimate desire is to be sexually, mentally and financially enslaved by Me, a statuesque and powerful Black FemDomina. Not only am I sexy, sophisticated and totally intoxicating, I’m highly intelligent, vibrant, creative, and deadly serious. Forget the bs you learned in school. I am the Mitochondiral Mother. MY fore-Mothers gave birth to the Earth! Bow down, punk! You are not fit to lick my filthy boots and you will NEVER come near my succulent shrine or my beautiful brown round. The sound of my voice is closest you will ever come to this Ebony Goddess and for that privilege you will pay! I can see straight through you all you punks who pretend to be so damn smart, so competent and so in control. Living a long held lie is not easy. The charade is over. What you need is Me, a Black FemDomina constantly reminding your of your low place, drilling your mind, filling your body and freeing your soul! I know your burden is heavy. Call me now and unload it. Make no mistake, I don’t give a damn about your graduate degrees, your successful business or the profession that you hide behind. I want to hear you grovel, beg and confess to Me what a soft little sissy your really are. I know you want to be tied down, slapped around, teased, whipped and spanked. I am a busy Woman and I don't have time to talk to all of you wimps. So send me an email message and introduce yourself. Tell me why I should spend my precious time with you. If I'm convinced that you are ready to serve Me, then I will respond with a phone appointment. Note, I only take calls between 12 midnight and 5AM, Pacific Standard Time. Cheers, punk.