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Uptown Girl

I Give The Best Bare Bottom Spankings...

I look with mirth in my eyes to see if you pick up the paddle, or you hesitate for me to pick it up.

If you pick up the paddle, then I will cast my eyes down in a submissive mode and ask if I should lean over the table, or wait for you to put me over your knee.

And I will remain there while you have your way with me, Sir. I am trained to say “Thank you” after each swat, then give the count, and then beg for the next swat.

If when you think my bottom has been reddened enough, and you want to use any of my orifices, I will cooperate fully. I am adept at following your lead. And I will willingly switch from one usage of me to the next.

But as I look at you with mirth in my eyes . . . . if I see that hesitation that indicates you don’t know how to take control, then my eyes will explode in mirth as I slowly tell you to strip and lean over the table. And you will be in my control from then on . . . right up to the moment you tell ME to strip and lean over the table.

Ultimately, you are in control of who is on top, for how long, and what happens. Just give me strong cues and you will find me as nimble at following your lead as any female dancer ever was with a male dance partner.

So, paddles, anyone?