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I am not the girl you take home and introduce to the family everything I do makes me a bad girl. I like being the secret that you meet on your lunch break or steal away to. We can meet at all those secret places and I will be in heels, hose, as well as, sexy lingerie. We can be that naughty couple at a bar where you pick me up and I make you work for it. I am kinky and like sex. Most the time I like it when you take control but I can have the reins and make you my good boy. I have a collection of blindfolds that I really enjoy you using me on me I like the sense of sensory deprivation or if you like I can put them on you while I tease you over and over. Not being able to see but being able to feel what you do to me turns me so much. My tiny hands on your big balls and cock will make them swell up till they are huge just for me. You can take control and I want you to the power exchange between us is euphoric. Let's explore each others boundaries till we find a some new higher kinky ones. When you take control and tease me it turns me on so much. Tying me up, spank my vagina, and use my super powerful vibrator on that pussy of mine. If it hot and sweaty then it is for me. I like to be tied up and made to please you. Grab me when I am being a mouthy girl, bend me over your knee and make that bare bottom good and red with a hard spanking. I will be the girl that will give you a blow job in a movie theater or any other place and you can be the guy that bends me over in a dirty nasty alley. We can use all the toys in my toy box there are tons of vibrators, eggs, dildos, and yes I have a strap on and we can play in ways you will never talk about. Getting nasty is the only way to have fun for me. I like getting dressed up and playing in roles so if you have something fun hit me up. I am open to all kinds of kinky fun and have tried most of them.

Hey, guys, this is Chilly Hicks, a little bit about me. First off, I am an all American girl. I was born and raised in the Mid West. I have never lived in the city and adore being in the country. I work from my home always have, and that gives me a lot of freedom to do the things that I genuinely enjoy. I am not much of a hunter, but I like to fish, play on the water, and be outside. I live out in the woods, so a lot of the pictures and videos I do are outside. It is a lot of fun to get naked, feel the air and sun on my skin. I am a simple girl I like to do things like ride motorcycles, four wheelers, and get muddy. You might notice that I am on here almost every day for me that is a lot of fun to talk to all you guys. I have made some tremendous online friends since I started on here. Sexually I am completely bi-sexual and have been since I was in my early 20's. I have a girlfriend ( Diane Callaway) and a boyfriend, her husband. We do live together most of the time, which is incredible. I am mostly submissive, but these last couple of years, I have been exploring my dominant side. I am not a "country bumpkin" I have a degree and am highly educated. I do this because I like the freedom of doing my own thing in my way. I grew up in a conservative household, so being online lets me explore my sexuality. Tell me your stories or talk about the things that intrigue you. I want to hear it all. You will get the real me not some made up character. All my pictures and videos are me, and I do camming. I prefer discord so call me up to ask me for my ID or shoot me an email.

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Phone with cam is easy and fun. I work from my bedroom so when you call you see me on my bed. I currently use skype and discord. You can either purchase my id's, ask for them when we connect or check your email I often send them out for free. If you have never done phone with cam it works like this you call one of my cam listings we connect then we turn our cams on through the free sites I listed above. You are welcome to watch me or you can turn yours on and we can watch each other. I have been playing on Niteflirt for over ten years and have done tens of thousands of cam calls. I always enjoy being a bit of a show off or directing your play. Please click on the image for a more in-depth description. You are not mandated to call a specific listing just tell me what you are into. I look forward to making some memories with you.

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Do you want to sit back and relax while we talk about your sexual desires? Phone only is an intimate way to tell me your secrets. Niteflirt is a unique service that brings us together no matter where we are in the world. It is always a little cheaper for just phone though I keep all my rates reasonable.Click the image to go to a more in-depth description or call 1-800-863-5478 input the extension. I am waiting.

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