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Web Mistress

Remake the World to have our Bit of Wicked Fun

I am Madonna. Take that as a declaration of my name and as a quick snapshot of my being.

Would you like the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with me?

Fantasies were not meant to be bound by the constraints of "reality." Our conversations can remake this world and the next.

You fear judgement, yet you move ever closer to the flames, the burning truth. If you touch Me, I Will Burn You. I will burn into you. I will brand you. I will warm you. I will comfort you while kicking your feet from underneath. I will watch you fall.

You want to know the catch? Touching Me is not so easy. Only those who truly suffer the intense yearning are worthy of the chance.

This is a skilled game of chance, my dear supplicants. The doorway to redemption does exist, though most likely you will not choose that one. How many minutes, hours, days, years, lifetimes will you ignore your reason, your logic, in favor of your loins? Let us start counting this day.

Take my hand. I will guide. I will scorn. I will illuminate. I will make cloudy. I will judge. I will redeem. I will break and make whole. I will take to heart and casually discard. I will always do as I see fit.

Virtual Mistress/Courtesan ▪ Scarlet Seduction ▪ Body Worship ▪ Goddess Worship ▪Fetish Intensification ▪ Enlightenment

Gender Exploration ▪ Feminization ▪ Sissy Training ▪ Forced Bi ▪ Dildo Training ▪ Cuckoldry ▪ My Strap-on

Mind Reprogramming ▪ Confession/Compassion ▪ Confession/Interrogation ▪ Humiliation

Masturbation Instruction ▪ Tease and Denial ▪ Tease Torture ▪ Cock Bondage ▪ Prized Cock ▪ CBT

Fantasy/Role-playing: Now That's Fucked Up ▪ 55-ft Woman ▪ Human Bondage