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Forced Intoxication for the Weak and Lonely

So you wanna play a game? Great, here’s what’s going to happen… you’re gonna play a little drinking game I like to call Malissa’s Evil Forced Intox. I’ll fill your glass and tell you to drink, don’t stop unless I say it’s ok. You’ll drink for as long as I say, whenever I say and do exactly as you’re instructed. Let’s see how drunk you get or how long you can even last. LOL, I bet it won’t be long. I make the rules to this game and can change them whenever I choose. Once you sign-up for my Evil Forced Intox you’ll have handed over all your decision making powers to me. This tight sexy chick will control you like never before, you know you can’t resist. Stop thinking, click the “Call Now” button, let’s get this drinking game started. My Game! My Rules! CALL!

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