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I'LL ONLY discuss the topic of the Listing that's called!

It's uncommon for ME to take out time to write some words of ANY sort HOWEVER in this's your PLEASURE.

I'm a BEAUTIFUL 7foot tall GoDeSS (coined to be GIANTESS by ALL men). DOMINANT by nature (but you LOVE IT!)

I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia yet raised here on American soil. I ONLY speak fluent english (my parents choice) they say it was sooo hard for many to understand their words and vowed I WILL always be understood...

ahhh and that is true it is very well understood by ALL that I am in full CONTROL of you, that I OWN you & that I find PLEASURE in RUINING you!

I enjoy being a Top Female Wrestler & Real-Time DOMINATRIX amongst MANY other hats that I wear.

you'll become helplessly BRAINWASHED and can't help yourself, well actually if SERVING ME is wrong you WON'T ever be right...evil grin...becoming ever so ADDICTED to ME... as My Powerful DOMINANCE, Alluring SEXINESS & Staggering HEIGHT precedes Me, leading you down the path of Financial & Mental RUIN.

your goal is to become My Top Personal ATM sooo much FUN seeing you withdraw LARGE amounts of FUNDS into My account.

Guys & girls can't keep their eyes off Me.I'm TRULY ADDICTIVE. In turn I USE you as I PLEASE, whatever My fancy is at that time you WILL OBEY!

you're DEALING with the "GREEDY RUSSIAN GIANTESS" somebody should have told're in DANGER"