Phone Sex

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You know you've been watching me. I can tell what is going through your mind. She's a housewife, so she must be lonely, bored and desperate. She'll be grateful if I regard her with any bit of kindness. If this is what you suppose, you are sadly mistaken. My life is full & satisfying. It includes play partners who I've chosen. Ones who are lured in by my many charms. I have others wrapped around my little finger. Willing to do what they must to keep me in good humor. If they fall short, then, there will be consequences. You, my pathetic toad, couldn't handle the repercussions. You most certainly can't even manage me. One of these days, when I'm in need of a new delight, I may give you the opportunity to audition for me. I'm not going to take you as you are. You have to bring, only, the very best to me. This housewife expects nothing less than the most stellar treatment. You with your silly notions that, someone, supposedly, like me, should be complacent with whatever she's offered, will probably not be able to meet my very high expectations. There are times, though, I am in the market for something which crawled out of the muck & mire. To mold & shape. Yes, this housewife is exacting. Maybe you'll be fortunate enough to find out just how much.