Phone Sex

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That special relationship between Mistress & pet


Hmmmm. lets have a look at you. YES, you look like you would
make a great pet! The kind of whimp that Mistresses love, one
that would do anything for their Mistress. Tips, tributes, one that
would obey. When I say "suck cock" you say "how big". When I say
"swallow" you do as you're told. When I say I want a foot rub, you
beg to do it. When I say clean My house, you ask if it's sparkly
clean enough. When I say call, you fill your account and when I
say "raise the rate", you hang up and call back. Understood???

The relationship between a Mistress and Her pet is a very special
one, you must put your best foot forward to make Her happy.
BUT, since you've clicked on My FEM DOMME listing, you've already
anticipated that, correct? Now, for the call. I'm waiting, somewhat
impatiently as you can well imagine. Your clicks cost Me money,
and I expect a call when you click and read. At the very least, a
$5.00 minimum tribute, and if you've read this far, click below.

There. I'm sure that felt right...If I am not available for a call
you may email, or send a chat (I have limited time for chats just
so you know, calls come first). Looking forward to your service.