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Hypnotic Heather

My Sadistic Mind, your utter ruin..

Growing up, people would tell Me that I act as if the entire earth revolves around Me.
Well, I was never "acting", the entire earth DOES revolve around Me!
I am the center of it all, particularly your world!
Meet your fate boy, I'm the one who is going to turn your world upside down and inside out!
Starting with your wallet, while you sit and slobber like a blubbering fool,
balls drained, accounts maxed-out with no idea what just happened!
That's right, I'm going to rip through your mind like a cyclone
and fuck your brains every opportunity I get!

Yes, I AM the Demanding Hot Blonde Bitch that gets that little noodle stiff
and makes you stroke yourself into a throbbing, jerking, pumping frenzy!
All the while, I'm using My Feminine Superiority and Intelligence to manipulate and
completely fuck-up that porous little sponge in your head,
while My Seductive Eyes, Perfect Tits, Tight little Pussy and
Ass completely control your cock!
You are merely a disposable plaything and your wallet is My candy dish!
Prepare for havoc as I get Deep inside your mind and rape the fuck out
of your financial world!
You WILL bow down and worship this Perfection!

Searching for the ultimate woman is something that you've done for so long,
and finally your search is over. I AM the ultimate manifestation of feminine superiority,
intelligence, a devious, manipulative mind and smokin' hot physical perfection!
I crush little subs like you under My stiletto!
Click and Pay to see My flawless excellence NOW sub!

Beautiful Breasts!

Flawless Ass!

Million Dollar Pussy!

We both know that you, left to your own vices, aren't very intelligent at all.
But with My guidance and training you can be so much more!
You WILL be MY mindless CLICKING-PAYING repetitious zombie!
I want My inbox Overflowing with Payment Notifications from you, zombie!





I don't have the time or desire to waste dealing with little-dick losers that don't
have anything to offer Me, so I suggest if you even hope to have a moment of My
precious time, you'd best become familiar with these buttons! Remember micro-man,
your money was created for Me and your purpose is to bow and worship
My fucking perfection!