Phone Sex

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this aint no pity party MIND RIPPIN HypnoCruelty

I'LL ONLY discuss the topic of the Listing that's called!

DONOT touch, stroke or rub UNLESS given DISTINCT permission from ME!


"REQUEST to ejaculate may be DENIED"

~evil grin~

the judgment is up to "ME"

DEDICATED to masturbating? SIT DOWN, Keep QUIET as I instruct you when & how to stroke that eager bone. You'd better not cum or you'll have more than HELL to PAY! Ive got you just where I want you!

You find it HARD not to rub your cock. Too bad for you cause I'm sooo into DENYING DEDICATED masturbators the right to CUM ~evil grin~ you could say thats MY bag putting MY HOT SEXXY body in your face then DARING you to stroke but you'd bet not CUM!

I thrive on HUMILIATING you while you rub that thing in your hands. It's funny how you think I even care, I don't its just FUN taking your MONEY while you SERIOUSLY lose yourself moment by moment jacking your dick.

This is your LUCKY day as I'm going to train you to rub and stroke at MY COMMAND when & how I choose for you to and just for shits & giggles I just might DENY you any cock pulling pleasures.

You jerk off sooo much you don't know if you're cumming or going. Eeewww too bad for guys that shake your hands

(no telling how much dry CUM is left on em)

Denying you the right to cum. It's not what you do it's what I WANT you to do! Over-eager strokers find FIRM DISCIPLINE with ME. I say NO to short strokes, sneaky rubs when you think no-one's looking, rubbing it at your will (HELL NO!), (or) watching fellow internet strokers. Your life has changed.


I'm your LEADER as you will follow ME.

Your BOSS as you will do what I say at the exact moment I tell you to do it.

Your MASTER as you are MY stroke-puppet eagerly stroking at MY will!