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Hard Body Superior Female for Fetish and Femdomme

I adore men who love to please women, men who love being teased and understand that it is necessary to be properly prepared for the release I have in store for you. I want to hear it in your voice, the weakness you feel when you are with a confident woman such as me . . . the dizziness, the confusion . . . the anxiousness you feel to please me.

Do you have that desperate need to let go and release control? Let it go, release to me your cock, your will, and your resistance. Give into my demands and gladly accept them. In return you will receive my understanding, my acceptance, and my ability to take away the control you so desperately need to set aside.

Do your secrets consume you at times? Share them with me; make me part of your fantasies. Let yourself trust me with your darkest desires and those personal memories that you dare not share with others. Tell me everything. Relish in my opinions and recommendations for dealing with your private thoughts.

Would you like to model for me? I’d love to see your private collection, the things you keep tucked away from the rest of the world; the things that make you feel sexual, sensual, aroused, and feminine. Share your private moments with me, for my amusement. I will decide what is necessary to complete your needs, to fulfill your hunger. Whether its praise or punishment you require to feel complete, I will know because I will listen to you and pay close attention to your body and mind’s reactions. My passion to find your true needs will lead me to the key to your mind.

I will use this open door to your mind to tease you, to prepare you, to overwhelm you, to feed you, and to please you completely. The end result will be a single remaining desire in you to worship me in appreciation for the release I have granted you. The access I now have to your mind I will keep, to be used at my discretion at any time I see fit, to leave you satisfied and obligated to me.