Phone Sex

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Think you deserve your money? Wrong!

Only I deserve your money, you are not worthy enough!!!

I know you, you like to be told what to do. Your a worthless slave that craves my attention and giving me all of your money is the only way to do it. Want to make me happy? You do, don't you Bitch?


Got a fantasy? I do too, and its laughing at you as I lay in a pile of your hard earned cash. I deserve every cent that you work for and more.  

What will I do to you? Whatever the Fuck I want including:

Expressing how worthless you are

Taking all of your money

Making you beg on your knees to be my bitch

Using you like a doormat to fufill my expensive needs

Making you a new meaning of pathetic


Are you afraid? You should be because I will not stop until you are completely broke.