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Straight Arrow tired of you little fags

So don't even think about asking me if I'm interested in you. I'm one straight arrow that thinks your gayness is disgusting, however the thought of telling you to get on your knees and keep your mouth shut is very amusing to me. You wish you were straight and a lived a normal life like me instead your going to call me hoping that you might be the first one to get me hard. THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE. Don't tell me about your marriage, that will make me sick, or how much you love to suck on another man... call some other fag who wants hear that crap. If you even mention just once that you enjoy my Australian accent I will hang up on you homo, I get pissed off hearing that every day. If you even mention just once how much this phone call costs you i will hang up, your lucky it doesn't cost more to talk to someone that isnt a homo like you. If you say anything more then i let you i will hang up, im not interested in hearing your bullshit, how i make your cock hard or anything else.