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Goddess Harmony's personal slave application.
This line is intended for real slaves to get in touch with Me and discover the possibility of serving Me full time. A Femme Of Intellect. Pursuing the best. First, I will discuss who I am. Not that it comes to much of your importance. Getting into such personal details can cause quite a lot of dilemmas on My behalf. I have studied the art of Hypnosis, Therapy/Psychology specializing in human behavior, and most interested in that of the slave and submissive behaviors and mindsets. I am Gifted in energy psychology, self esteem, abundance and peak performance, addictions, and releasing trauma. practicing the art Hypnosis, and most interested in human behavior as well as playing in the minds of males with an interest in behavior modification especially that of slaves and submissive males and of course the art of BDSM. biomedical science and energy medicine.. I'm a very focused and aware. I manage socializing, female domination, playing piano, reading novels, and painting. Minor hobbies that commonly catch my intrigue when there is nothing better to do. I enjoy taking over any situation, being in control of My feelings, My attitude, and most of all, the other person's behavior. I enjoy this power, even if it be slight, hence I like to manage My things in accordance to My liking. But even though My attitude is like this, many of us Women, if not the majority, enjoy intimidation. We've read countless novels basing on 'perfection' and the ideal man: a witty bastard, cunning portrayal, defined charm, appealing looks, and economically stable. If I missed something, add it to the list. Even the most prominent women that sustain dominant lifestyles like this challenge, encountering someone that makes us rethink our steps. Women, are like maps.. You tend to get lost in them. But men, at least the ideal ones, are like a GPS for women. When you're lost, you'll want them. What I seek: Although this can vary, I'm interested in one that respects actions. Someone willing to learn beyond merely the physical and who can acknowledge good conversation from time to time. I'm very respectful yet very reserved. I don't mindlessly look for just any submissive figure. I like picking out the best. -Must be physically healthy: works out, goes to the gym, is in shape -Must have experience. Literal experience. -If he can speak more than one language its valued. -Economically stable and successful with an accomplished career (not a hobo) -Must offer a decent picture. It's My first impression of you. Make it good. -Someone who can be strict at tolerating: diet, exercise, behavior. -Someone fashionable. (I'm expensive in my outfits so please look good, dress how you want to be perceived) -Someone who can dance, not a wall flower at any party or event. I am awfully picky and want the best. I like being pampered and I know how to please someone, and when I grow fond of you, I find it necessary that you willingly do what is told. I want you to be someone I can brag about instead of merely the femme for sexual innuendo. I seek someone with ambition, strive for excellence, and a content lifestyle. Why should I pick you? There should be many beneficial qualities I could enjoy from you. your ambitions, courteousness, attractiveness and ability to adjust to different styles of life. I am extremely selective with whom I enjoy as a pet. Naturally I enjoy owning things, having aspects towards my own possession and requiring tasks to be dealt with. If online there will be various actions needed to be done. I do not involve myself through real time with a submissive unless I feel it should be rewarded. You must be willing to spare three days for proper meetings, fulfill written tasks, skyping possibilities. I will give proper attention to your needs, push you to become successful in something you feel good at, be willing to presume to manipulation, humiliation, and photo tasks. In addition to this there are expense tasks in which you can be able to spoil me throughout buying things I feel are luxurious for me. I understand this is an acquired taste and I donn't disapprove of the idea. Financial slaves will not have any sexual relation towards me.

the questions you must ask yourself are:

  • Do you have what it takes to be a slave?
  • Does the thought of being tied down, bent over and being used (Insert gratuitously fucked here) excite you?
  • Do you find yourself dreaming of being a sexual object boy / girl toy a central theme in your fantasies?
  • Have you found, during your past sexual encounters; you enjoyed pleasing your partner more than pleasing yourself?
  • Is there a deep sensual fire burning within you to be set free?
  • Do you find yourself wanting it all the time?
  • At the core of your being are you (for lack of a better word) a SLUT?
  • Does the thought of someone else having complete control over your sexuality for THEIR pleasure call to you?
  • Are you often consumed with thoughts of being loaned or rented out to others for their pleasure?
  • Do you want to be owned?
  • Can you let go of everything that you think you are in order to find yourself?
  • Are you intelligent, outgoing and capable of learning?
In summary

Does all this make you want to be Goddess’s slave?

Does your Goddess understand you better and accept that you are serious about becoming a slave?

Do you really impress upon your Goddesses your desire to serve?

My slaves are a combination of all of the above. Accept this and Goddess is willing to take you on for a lifetime. Disappoint Her and you will suffer the most grievous of punishments, shunning. you will simply be ignored and treated as invisible to Her, and then Her attention will focus on the remaining slaves. Repeated disappointments and Goddess will dispose of you like so much trash unworthy of being kept in Her home!

Definition of a slave

Total Control + Total Responsibility By definition, a ‘slave’ is a piece of (movable) personal property (a.k.a. "chattel") owned by another person. A slave can be bought, sold or traded. While a slave may be

cherished and cared for, a slave can also just as easily be misused and abused. Of course an owner can love their slave; nothing in the book says that an owner cannot love their slave. However, slavery does not require love.

Slavery is about control:

the utter and total domination and control over another human being's life. Slavery is also about responsibility: the utter and total responsibility of another human being's life.

There are only two basic elements required of slavery: 1.) a slave. 2.) an owner who is willing to accept the responsibility of the possession of a slave.

Illusions. For the would-be slave: Trust may be an issue prior to slavery, but it is an illusion. Physical attraction may be an issue prior to slavery, but it is an illusion as well. In fact, everything and anything a would-be slave requires or desires, apart from their true and total commitment to actually being a real, owned slave, is an illusion.

Slavery is NOT about "romance". Sure, an Owner could romance and seduce a slave if they chose to, but romance and seduction are not "part and parcel" of slavery itself. Slavery is about Ownership and servitude; any other element involved is something other than, or in addition to, slavery. If a "slave" insists upon a requirement or a condition for, or on, their Ownership - they are seeking something other than slavery.

Yes, it all sounds so terrifically unfair, doesn't it? An Owner can require and involve whatsoever they like in the 'relationship' and a slave must endure and indulge whatever an Owner's whim might be. Hmm... That almost sounds like, well: slavery! Doesn't it?

Harmony says..

you may fantasize about things like chastity while you're stroking yourself but after a few days with a stainless steel chastity belt locked on, you'll be an obedient little bitch pleading for release. Unfortunately for you, once that lock clicks shut, you can kiss your orgasms good bye for good.

That's right, no more orgasms for you, not on your birthday, not ever. Your endless desperation for an orgasm will ensure that you remain a pliant and obedient little slave and I'm perfectly willing to sacrifice your sexual pleasure to achieve it. You have no idea how much it turns Me on just thinking about it so I wouldn't count on any leniency for good behavior, lol.

Don't worry though, even if you won't be having sex or orgasms ever again, you can still help out when I'm spending time in the bedroom with other men by scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. If you do an extremely good job maybe I'll let you clean My ass with your tongue. Get it all...

I'm a well educated, well traveled Woman of taste and discrimination and I will only consider males who are afforded of substantial means. you will finance our lifestyle and most importantly My pleasure, it's that simple.

Any male who will be allowed into My service must agree to the following terms without exception or condition:

Within one month of being accepted into service, I will present you with an agreement which you will read aloud and then sign transferring ownership of your genitals to Me. From that moment forward the genitals in question, although attached to your body, will be My property to do with as I please. To ensure My ownership rights, I will keep My new property locked in the heaviest gauge stainless steel chastity belt I can find.

Within six months of being accepted into service, you will transfer ownership of your mouth and rear opening in similar fashion.

All phone calls must begin with 'I'm a pathetic little bitch'

I can be kind yet cruel, sensual yet sadistic, Angel yet Demon. always require clean, generous, patient, punctual, polite and respectful boys.

Do you dare to give in to your most cherished fantasies? Are you ready to make them a reality, and not merely words on a computer screen? If so, contact Me now and tell Me something about yourself, your likes and dislikes, what you want and need and most importantly what you have to offer.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits.. I love toying with your mind helping you find your "true" self. If you think you can entertain Me during My valuable time prove you are worth My attention, call Me telling Me something interesting, like your biggest secret, give Me something to play with right away when I answer your call.

Over the years I have evolved into a very creative and even more Powerful Mistress.

When you call Me
  • Kiss the ground 10 times in My honor.
  • Have a sufficient amount of credit.
  • Greet Me respectfully
  • Tell Me what a pathetic little bitch you are
  • Always practice good manners
  • Never assume I am here to please or service you in anyway. (I may be available on niteflirt but I am not offering you a service) I am here for my entertainment
  • Don't touch yourself without asking
  • Don't assume I owe you anything
  • Anything I give you, you have EARNED, and will be REWARDED as I see fit.
  • Enjoy the phone call! I am!
What I’m Into
  • Psychologically tormenting males
  • Enforced 24/7 chastity
  • Total Orgasm Denial
  • Cuckolding
  • Forced-bi
  • Toilet Service.
  • Verbal Humiliation/Abuse
/li Since you made it this far call Miss Harmony ask Me about My Slave application form, Consensual slave Contract, Consensual Black Mail form, Waver of Liability, and My rules.. I will be happy to give you a bit of background on these forms as well as direct you to where you can order them. Now, you belong on your knees, I am an independent Powerful, and Successful Woman in all walks of life. I am here to control your actions, All of the content on My page is Mine and I reserve the rights for them. Serve and obey Miss Harmony.